A near realtime land cover dataset for our constantly changing planet.
10M resolution
Global scale
AI Powered
Peer Reviewed
Near Realtime
Open Licensing

9 land use and cover types

  • Water
  • Trees
  • Grass
  • Crops
  • Shrub & Scrub
  • Flooded Vegetation
  • Built-Up Area
  • Bare Ground
  • Snow & Ice

A dataset for positive impact for people and the planet

Scientists & NGOs

From food security to natural disasters to urban growth planning, frequently updating land cover data are critical to scientists’ ability to monitor and map our dynamic landscapes. Ecosystems are constantly changing, and scientists can use intra-annual land cover data for building systems to monitor planetary health.


Agriculture remains a leading driver of deforestation and loss of ecosystems. Land cover data are a critical input for companies, including consumer packaged goods industries who are measuring their impact towards zero net deforestation targets, to green financial services companies working on financing sustainable investments.


Nations of the world use updating land cover data to track progress towards their Nationally Determined Contributions to support the Paris Agreement. Dynamic World and its derivatives can provide near realtime insights, such as exactly which ecosystems need protection, where changes are taking place, and what the implications on the future are.

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